What Is Double Chance in Football Betting?

What Is Double Chance in Football Betting?

Football betting offers a world of possibilities for punters, with numerous betting options available to suit different strategies and preferences. One such option that can be incredibly useful is the “Double Chance”. In this article, we’ll explore what Double Chance means in football betting, its various types, when it’s best to use, and where you can find it in Nigeria’s legal sportsbooks.

The Abundance of Betting Options

Before diving into Double Chance, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer diversity of betting options in football. You can bet on match outcomes, goal totals, scorers, corners, and even minute-specific events. While these options provide an exciting array of choices, they often carry varying degrees of risk.

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Understanding Double Chance

Double Chance is a betting strategy that significantly reduces the risk of losing your bet. Instead of choosing just one outcome – like a home win or away win – Double Chance allows you to cover two potential results in a single bet. It’s as if you’re giving yourself an extra life in the world of football betting.

There are three primary types of Double Chance bets:

1. 1X – Home Team Win or Draw: In this scenario, you win your bet if the home team wins or the match ends in a draw. For example, if you bet ₦1,000 on Nigeria (1.50 odds) vs Brazil (2.00 odds) with a 1X Double Chance, you’d win ₦1,500 if Nigeria wins or if the match ends in a draw.

2. X2 – Away Team Win or Draw: This bet covers the away team winning or the match ending in a draw. Using the same example, a ₦1,000 bet on X2 (Brazil) would yield ₦2,000 if Brazil wins or if the match ends in a draw.

3. 12 – Either Team Wins: In this case, you win if the home or away teams emerge victorious. Let’s say you place a ₦1,000 bet on 12 (either team) for the same match. If Nigeria or Brazil wins, you’d pocket your winnings, depending on the odds.

When to Go for Double Chance

Double Chance is a versatile tool in your betting arsenal. It’s particularly useful in situations where you’re unsure about the match’s outcome or where you believe the underdog has a chance to surprise.

Here are some scenarios where Double Chance can shine:

  • Close Matchups: When two evenly matched teams face off, predicting a winner is often challenging. Double Chance provides a cushion by covering two of the possible outcomes.
  • Underdog Potential: If you believe the underdog has a shot at victory or a draw, Double Chance allows you to bet on their success while still hedging with a draw.
  • Preserving Accumulators: In accumulator bets where one game can ruin your entire ticket, Double Chance offers protection against a single unexpected result.
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Exploring Nigeria’s Legal Sportsbooks

Now that you understand the Double Chance concept, where can you find this option in Nigeria? At sportbetting.ng, we don’t just stop at introducing you to this game-changing strategy. We have curated a list of legal sportsbooks that offer Double Chance and a wide range of other betting options. We believe in empowering punters to make informed choices and maximise their profits.

Our platform lets you discover bookies that cater to your preferences and tastes. Plus, our expert betting tips provide valuable insights that can help you make well-informed decisions in the world of football betting.


In wrapping it all up, it’s crystal clear that Double Chance is your ultimate insurance in the unpredictable world of football betting. It’s your safety harness when the odds seem uncertain, your secret weapon in navigating those nail-biting close matchups, and your shield against heartbreak when supporting the underdogs.

So, as you venture into the thrilling realm of football betting, armed with Double Chance and backed by sportbetting.ng‘s wealth of resources, we say: Happy Betting, and may your wins be as spectacular as your love for the game!

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