Football Standings

Football Standings

Check out the football standings and league tables of the major championships and top competitions around the world (English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa league etc), powered by Stay up to date with the latest official stats on the teams form, the qualification spots for the international competitions, as well as the relegation spots and information on the relegation/promotion playoffs

Football Standings: Easy Navigation Through Flags

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the Chinese say, and at we thought that the easiest way to navigate between the different leagues is through pictures. Next to each country you will find its flag, enabling you to swiftly identify and click on the league you are looking for.

What are the top leagues in Europe?

The commercially friendly leagues, which gather the highest turnovers in betting, are the ones that are of more interest to the bettors. These are leading the table, since they are all concentrated under this category.

The so-called Big-5 of the European Football includes:

  • The English Premier League
  • The German Bundesliga
  • The Spanish League (Primera Division/La Liga)
  • Serie A of Italy
  • The French Ligue 1

Along with these 5 categories, you can also find the standings of the Nigerian Championship which naturally enjoys an increased demand in our country.

How many teams are eligible for international competitions?

One of the most common searches in any ranking is what each team earns based on their position on the championship table. Especially when the championships are coming to an end, it is extremely important for the bettor to know the target each team has for the championship points table.

In other words, to have the ability to determine the mathematical motivation of each team, based on its position on the championship table, to occupy a position that will earn them a distinction. For example, a ticket to international competitions.

Color legends

Below each points table you will find notes, explaining what each color on the table represents.

In the Premier League, for instance, blue is the color for teams that win a place in the Champions League. Orange for the Europa League and burgundy for those relegated.

By placing the mouse cursor on each color, the relevant information is automatically displayed! You can also find the relevant explanations under each football rating.

Football Standings: How many teams are relegated and which teams gain promotion

The battles for promotion and relegation are of great betting interest each year. Teams playing for their own existence, as the amounts at stake are huge and for many clubs this can lead to enormous changes.

The most “expensive” promotion

There is even a match that has been described globally as the most expensive football match. It is neither the Champions League final, nor a match of a major European championship. The most expensive match in the world is the promotion final of the English Championship.

The match that takes place at the legendary Wembley stadium and earns the winning team the promotion to the top division of the country, the English Premier League.

Color legends

  • In green the positions on the table that provide direct promotion to the higher division
  • In light green the positions on the table that provide a ticket to the play-offs for the promotion the higher division.
  • In bold burgundy the positions that lead to relegation to a lower division.
  • In pink the positions that lead to the play-outs for relegation to a lower division.

By placing the cursor on each color, the relevant information is automatically displayed! You can also find the relevant explanations under each football rating.

Football Standings: What we mean by a team’s form and how it assists us in betting

“Don’t change a winning team” is the doctrine of a portion of the bettors. Others, on the other hand, prefer to seek the statistical lag.

In any case, the knowledge of the recent performance of a team, the so-called “form” in the betting glossary, is an essential study tool and the reason we incorporated it into our tables.

Next to each team’s table position and goal ratio, you can find information related to its form. There are five small boxes, which illustrate the last five results of each team. The victory in green color, the tie in gray and the defeat in red.

In essence, the more green you see next to a team the better. If red is the prevailing color, then things don’t go as planned for them.

Football Standings: The secret reading of the form

Like all things in life are not black and white, we do not want to stay focused on the simple green-red aspect of a team’s form. We, as bettors, must learn to read behind the information given to us.

Below you can find examples on a team’s form evaluation.

A team’s form in relation to its table standing

Before judging a team’s form, it is necessary to look at the standings and the targets set by the team.

A three-game winning streak in the last five matches is a great performance for a tail team, a good performance for a mid-table team and a poor performance for those teams who want a shot at the championship title.

A team’s form in relation to its match schedule

Take for example a team in the middle of the table, with one draw and two defeats in the last three matches. In order to fully comprehend its status, we will have to take into account the strength of its opponents in said matches.

If the last three matches were against the top three teams leading the table, the one point accumulated is not considered as a convicting performance. On the other hand, if the last three matches were against teams found in the middle of the table as well, then we should categorize this team under those with poor recent performance.

A team’s form in relation to Home matches

There are many cases of teams that show a completely different face between home and away matches. Therefore, in addition to the general form, each bettor must correctly measure the Home factor. How a team performs in front of or away from its supporters.

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